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Mission statement

Pet shop , our Mission is to help people find a four-legged-friend in an ethical way and through this make their life happier and more meaningful.


We believe that our core value is the promotion of Ethical and Responsible Breeding methods, and that our core asset is our customer base. Our team members provide our company with a cumulative experience of more than 10 years of working with dogs. We also provided our services to several thousands of happy dog owners in 90 different countries. Feel free to contact them in case you are or plan to be one of our many customers.


Roger B. Jenkins- Content writer

Anthony is our US guy from Florida. He is a vet student in Budapest and animals have always been a huge part of his life. Growing up he has always had dogs at home and he enjoyed all the responsibilities that came with being a dog owner. Unfortunately, due to a sub-clause in his lease agreement with his landlord, he cannot keep a dog at home. Hopefully in the future this will not be an issue.


Carlos E. Walker – Dog Trainer

If there ever was a dog whisperer, his name is Carlos. He is a professional dog trainer qualified to train guard dogs and deal with problematic dogs. Being firm advocates of the most humane dog training methods, we only entrust him with training our New Doggies. In his free time, he helps his wife run a dog shelter. He is the proud father of a little boy, whom he entrusts in the company and protection of the family’s 4 protection-trained Boxers.


Marianne R. Grieco – Founder

Hailing from an environment where there were many more animals than people, Ani is first and foremost a big animal and dog lover. She strongly believes in the ethos of the company, that is to provide healthy puppies bred by the best and most ethical of breeders to owners across the globe. She is now the mother of a little girl for whom she is planning to get two dogs; one from a top breeder and one from a shelter. The dilemma now is what breed of dog to get.


Christopher Hathorn- Live Animal Delivery Expert

He is the guy developing our GPS based delivery follow-up software. He believes in smooth and clear communication with our Customers base and makes sure that the customer always knows exactly where his/her New Doggy is situated. Born and raised in the countryside, His family also bred German Shepherds and can relate to the many worries that a lot of new dog parents have until they see their newest addition to the family. Being a man of action, he is hell-bent on making his GPS delivery follow-up software a reality, to make one major headache a thing of the past.


Vickie Soto- Marketing Strategist

All that has to do with marketing at farm falls into her hands. As if that is not enough work to do, she also manages the North-American branch of our company.

She is an international marketing strategist and creative brandologist; her refreshing European marketing style is both unique and invaluable. She has been living in the States since 2011. She attributes her great love for dogs to her dad’s great passion for anything to do with animals.She is now using our services at our farm to find her own purebred European puppy.


We are a group of internet savvy, dog loving individuals who feel that the internet is a very useful tool that still has a lot of untapped potential. We feel that as many meaningful human relationships have budded and flourished over the internet, prospective dog owners should also have the means and opportunity to meet their future puppies this way too.

After asking ourselves why this does not happen more often, we realized that breeders put their minds at rest by meeting future owners in person, while owners are equally concerned and want that their future puppy comes from an ethically run, humane dog kennel owned by passionate, loving breeders. Both parties had concerns about the ethics of such an internet transaction.

Therefore we made both parties’ concerns and needs the catalysts that continue to drive this company into adhering to its original ethos, which is to create a pet shop platform that puts emphasis on the ethics of proper animal breeding and holds both breeders and owners accountable to the highest of standards. We aim to do this through a smooth and enjoyable experience, providing the much needed peace of mind to both parties.

Our puppies undergo a rigorous medical check-up before being advertised and shipped off to their forever homes. We try to make sure that our New Doggies travel as comfortable as possible. All puppies come with the necessary documentation.


Most of our staffs are passionate, loving dog owners. By dedicating ourselves to the belief that our clients only deserve the best, we have built a pet shop with a network involving the best breeders Europe has to offer. Having reached our standards, our Breed Consultants routinely visit these breeders to audit and make sure that they keep on adhering to these standards and to scout for the best puppies these kennels have to offer.

After an exceptional litter is found and the puppies’ pedigrees are verified, our trusted vet makes sure that each and every puppy is in its best health. Those puppies that pass our rigorous checking, then qualify to be listed on our website are considered to be promoted on our site.

After a puppy is chosen, we vaccinate the dog according to its age and the requirements posed by the country of destination. As an extra precaution, a qualified vet performs a medical check-up just before the puppy departs on its journey to its forever home.

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If everything is ready and the puppy is old enough to travel, all documents necessary for traveling are prepared.

Our puppies usually travel by air, however new poppies can also be transported by car if the dog’s final home is in a close European country. We always make sure that a new puppy leaves his or her original family at the very last minute to minimize the time it has to spend alone before arriving to their new, loving family.

We make doubly sure that our new puppy are always in safe hands while traveling. We only use the most reliable and most reputable, international animal forwarding companies – this not only makes sure that the shipping is fast and successful, but also gives us the peace of mind that our new puppy is in the best hands possible.

WHY choose us?

  • our pet shop is full of dog lovers like you.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards.
  • At our Pet shop We have many years of experience working with dogs on an international level.
  • At our Pet shop We only sell the healthiest dogs coming from the best, top quality bloodlines.
  • At our Pet shop We believe in the noble act of adoption and in helping out unfortunate, abandoned animals.
  • At our Pet shop We have the means and the people to understand dog behavior better than anybody else.
  • At our Pet shop We have a system that ensures that you get the best dog at the fairest of prices.
  • At our Pet shop We will constantly update you throughout the adoption process.
  • At our Pet shop We encourage you to contact us in case of any unexpected events and we will make sure to respond to your queries as soon as possible.
  • At our Pet shop We provide a Health Guarantee and a special Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee; a testament of our confidence that we believe we have provided you with the best puppy possible.
  • At our Pet shop Our team is always at your disposal. In case of any hiccups, we would like to be the first ones to be notified about a problem. Let us know about such problems so we can help you out to overcome any possible issues.
  • At our Pet shop We also love to hear good news – something that we luckily get to hear about all the time.

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